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Best Works Portfolio Essay

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This process essay writing portfolio, (purpose, focus and part of format defined by teacher), will help to monitor students’ progress and determine their capabilities in the development of a five paragraph essay, as well as encourage students to self assess and reflect on their writing development over the term, both for its strengths and its weaknesses. A portfolio assessment system is better equipped to provide students with an ongoing collection of their work, whereby they can spend time improving and reflecting on their writing process as well as present their best work.

This portfolio therefore, focuses on both the processes and products of writing; uses both formal and informal assessment techniques, contains teacher, student and objective input, and reflects student characteristics, linguistic and developmental capabilities. Step 2 Each component of the portfolio has a purpose for both students and teacher and is usable for instruction and individual student needs.

Although focus will be on students’ self reflection, wherein the teacher can determine how students’ feel when they are actually writing, how they feel about specific tasks, and how they understand the process of their own writing development, the primary assessment focus will be on writing skill development, the mechanics of writing (i. e. grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. ) and the ability to generate ideas and thoughts appropriate to the topic.

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Step 3 The portfolio will need to contain the following seven components: a) simple sentences, b) compound sentences, c) complex sentences d) paragraph writing e) introductory paragraph, f) conclusion, g) 5 paragraph essay plus a self reflection on each component. All tasks will be undertaken in class and corrected by the teacher using a marking system, wherein students will then work on their first draft re-writing and making their own corrections.

Both copies of each task a) and b) should be presented in the portfolio as one component. The contents page (format to be determined by students) must include all components and a self reflection for each. Components 1, 2, and 3 will need to be added to the portfolio every two weeks, together with self reflections. The remaining components will be entered on a monthly basis. The portfolio will then be handed in to the teacher at each interval for evaluation.

A completed portfolio will provide a full representation of student progress and each task will provide insight into individual performance over time, mastery of skills and relative group standing. Step 4 Students will work on their portfolios for an hour or more each Friday afternoon, when teacher and students will review and discuss the components to be entered and student will share their portfolios with other students. Students will then work on their self reflections, which may be in the form of check lists, quizzes, a self reflective journal entry.

The teacher will need to ensure that all students understand the benefits of, and why they are keeping a portfolio and encourage them to take pride and enjoy the autonomy it provides them. Students will then be encouraged to take their portfolios home for the weekend to share with their parents and bring back on Monday mornings for the teacher to evaluate. In this way, the portfolios can inform parents of their child’s progress and growth with concrete evidence of their capabilities. Step 5

Available scoring rubrics, both holistic and analytic, aligned with the state standards will be used for individual components but to reflect the complex nature of language proficiency and to accommodate individual differences in language writing attainment, standards based on expected patterns of behavior in relation to development need to be set. The criteria that will be used to interpret the portfolio as a whole (not the curriculum goals already set) will also need to be determined.

The teacher will evaluate all tasks but students will evaluate their own work using a simple rubric developed by the teacher. The result of each component will count towards a final overall score for the portfolio. Step 6 Scoring rubrics available are consistent with the individual tasks/components of the portfolio and the overall curriculum framework but at this point of development the scoring rubrics have not been applied to students for the purpose of this portfolio, so there is no evidence as to whether the same results for the same students will be provided by different teachers.

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