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Theories and Values System Essay

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The objective of the theory is to guide us to make decisions and judgments about actions in certain situations, i. e to try to determine what we and other people ought to do. – We not only act as an agent, but also as witness, adviser, teacher, judge, and critic in morality. (we= agent moral). Social Morality Theory – The words ethics (ethos) and moral (more which mean customs, habit, courtesy, character, etc. , are connected with regulations and standards followed by society.

It is proper we use social morality theory (or traditional/conventional morality) to explain the concept of ethics in a society. – Member of a society normally observe a system of moral standards with general ethical principles related to moral norms. According to M. G. Velasquez (1992), these moral standards have many functions in society. 1) The moral standards system in the society identifies situations so that each person wards off self-interest to strengthen a system of behavior that brigs benefit to self as well as to other people. With proper moral standards, members of the society will co-operate and help each other so that there is freedom and justice. – When members of the society internalize all the moral standards and live by them, a system of behaviors that ensures the interests of all emerges.

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2) Secondly, moral standards serve to resolve conflict in the society by giving justifications that are acceptable to the public as bases for action. – This theory is a theory which attempts to relate moral standards, regulation of society, and the countries or universal law with ethical concepts. Stress the individual’s responsibility to follow orders from an authoritative body. This means that to strengthen the system of moral standards, the atmosphere of society becomes rather bureaucratic. – Also pays special attention to the interest and benefits of society, not the interest of individual. However, a society that is closely controlled by regulations, particularly regulations that restrict the freedom of members of the society will result in a dogmatic and authoritative.

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